Showing prompts for May 2nd, 2024 until May 22nd, 2024.

wary, immaculate, discontent, ray, token, livid, detour, signature, virgin, confusion, fissure, unison, subliminal, contour, clich, sterile, ground, parent, course, peril
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The Gray Of Decent

Done with colors,
Wild, perilous,
Resigned to live
The gray of decent,
Just to make it
Through the day.

#vsspoem prompt for May 22nd, 2024: Peril

Worlds Apart

Our strength,
Not our cart.
Our need,
Not our heart —
And worlds apart.

#vsspoem prompt for May 21st, 2024: Course

Parents Dear

Parents dear
Of problems mine,
Save me from
The mental prison
I've devised.

#vsspoem prompt for March 20th, 2024: Parent

A Bill Past Due

Melancholy grounding me,
Collecting on a bill past due —
It's gonna be a lonely day
Of healing.

#vsspoem prompt for May 19th, 2024: Ground

Sterile Ground

Unclean thoughts on sterile ground,
Trying to keep my posture decent —
What I feel should not be sensed,
Lest I burn this helium castle down.

#vsspoem prompt for May 18, 2024: Sterile

Such A Cliché

You're such a cliché,
But that's alright —
I don't mind,
So long you're mine.

#vsspoem prompt for May 17th, 2024: Cliché

Unfinished Dreams

Out of hope,
Lost in ruins
Of unfinished dreams,
I see the contours of a man
That should have been
But never will be

#vsspoem prompt for May 16th, 2024: Contour

Subliminal Hate

Passive aggressive
Subliminal hate —
I'm fine.
Read that any way you like.

#vsspoem prompt for May 15th, 2024: Subliminal

In Cadance

Whispered words
Sinking straight into my skin —
Breaths in cadence,
Sharing bliss
At the edge
Where you start,
And I begin.

#vsspoem prompt for May 13th, 2024: Unison

A Mirror Brightly

Fissures in a mirror brightly,
Letting in the dark of doubt —
Is reality what I see,
Or the hells I dream about?

#vsspoem prompt for May 12th, 2024: Fissure

New Truths

The emperor's new truths,
Confusion worn
In search of answers —
Tell me what I cannot see,
Not what I shouldn't do.

#vsspoem prompt for May 11th, 2024: Confusion

Virgin Season

Sun baking shifting sands,
Yet another virgin season
Of rebirth has arrived —
Skies clear,
And the world comes alive.

#vsspoem prompt for May 10th, 2024: Virgin

Heat Signatures

Eyes meeting,
Evading —
Heat signatures
In the cold, cold
Crowded room.

#vsspoem prompt for May 9th, 2024: Signature

Stardust Oaths

Stardust oaths in daylight,
Empty as the summer sky —
Weaker moments taking detours
Into unexpected lives.

#vsspoem prompt for May 8th, 2024: Detour

Never Livid

Ever balanced on my limits,
Melancholy, never livid —
Try me. I may mind,
But will never let it show.

#vsspoem prompt of May 7th, 2024: Livid


Timed attention lacking passion,
Token displays of affection —
Acting out the parts
We never felt.

#vsspoem prompt for May 6th, 2024: Token

Healing Rays

Healing rays,
Warming smiles —
Spring is here
In full force,
And the world
At long last
Feels alright.

#vsspoem prompt for May 5th, 2024: Ray

Not Brave Enough

Afraid to do,
Scared to act —
Discontentment feedback loop.
Not brave enough,
And miserable.

#vsspoem prompt for May 4th, 2024: #Discontent

Childhood's End

Childhood’s end,
Innocence immaculate —
Unspoiled, yet
Eager to cross
The black ink line
To live the consequence beyond.

#vsspoem prompt for May 3rd, 2024: Immaculate

Pretty Curtains

Let near, but never
Close enough,
Darkened rooms
With pretty curtains —
Wary, but never certain
What goes on
Behind those tastefully
Painted walls.

#vsspoem prompt for May 2nd, 2024: Wary
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