Showing prompts for August 4th, 2023 until August 23rd, 2023.

chill, knowledge, trick, motion, subconscious, phantom, ultimate, incomprehensible, afterthought, mindless, liquid, prelude, bedlam, alot, coward, ring, deplorable, backseat, organic, minstrel
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Guide My Tongue

Heat of passion
Stalled my wit —
Minstrel, guide my tongue.

#vsspoem prompt for August 23rd, 2023: Minstrel

Numbers Games

Lies, damn lies, statistics —
Organically rigged numbers games,
Pleasing the majority.

#vsspoem prompt for August 22nd, 2023: Organic


Some love gets lost
When desire
Takes the backseat —
True love evolves,
And finds peace.

#vsspoem prompt for August 21st, 2023: Backseat

The Cost of Hope

Love in abuse,
Trust in politicians,
Art in darkness —
Causes damn near lost
With odds, deplorable,
Yet plausible,
So long we pay
The cost of hope.

#vsspoem prompt for August 20th, 2023: Deplorable

A Moment Gone

Once upon
A moment gone —
Ring the depths of song.

#vsspoem prompt for August 19th, 2023: Ring


Cowardice, the fear of
Overcoming our shortcomings —
Perceived or not,
The hands we burned.

#vsspoem prompt for August 18th, 2023: Coward

Assigned Stations

Assigned stations,
Scheduled hardship,
Allotted complications —
Suffering anything long enough,
Will let it start to feel
Like home.

#vsspoem prompt for August 17th, 2023: Alot

Soured Love

No war knows more losers,
No battle's more cruel
Than the bedlam
Of soured love,
Run aground.

#vsspoem prompt for August 16th, 2023: Bedlam

Preludes To Regret

Reservations —
Preludes to regret.

#vsspoem prompt for August 15th, 2023: Prelude

Liquid Reasons

Seeking strength,
All I found were
Liquid reasons,
Slipping through my hands.

#vsspoem prompt for August 14th, 2023: #Liquid

The Social Race

Gutter, stage, consolidated,
X-rayed lives, the social race —
Mindlessness over what matters,
Eyes on the praise.

#vsspoem prompt for August 13th, 2023: Mindless


Gratefulness an afterthought,
Basking in the radiance —
How wonderful to see you here,
And thank you for the love.

#vsspoem prompt for August 12th, 2023: Afterthought

The Naked I

In blind pursuit of why —
In patterns,
In scales
To the naked I.

#vsspoem prompt for August 11th, 2023: Incomprehensible

Back For More

You and I walked this road before.
From once upon to ever after,
We learned what follows heartbreak —
Yet, stubbornly,
Always keep
Coming back for more.

#vsspoem prompt for August 10th, 2023: Ultimate

A Distant Once

Obsolete temptations, stirring,
Whispers from a distant once —
Phantom fragrances,
Desires, sensations,
Churning dust of ages past.

#vsspoem prompt for August 9th, 2023: Phantom

Still Care

Nothing says
I love you, still,
Like simply being there —
Even subtly,
In denial,
You're still here,
I see you, for I am too.
After so long,
We both still care.

#vsspoem prompt for August 8th, 2023: Subconscious

The Motions

Going through the motions
Like a bell missing its clapper
That keeps ringing anyway —
You never truly
Had anything to say.

#vsspoem prompt for August 7th, 2023: Motion

So Free

Free, so free.
Nothing can touch you,
Not even yourselves —
Into that sunset,
Never look back,
Oh, you glorious
One trick ponies.

#vsspoem prompt for August 6th, 2023: Trick

To Insanity

In the end, none of it is meant
But through ignorance and pain.
Hazardous, the path of knowledge —
Quests for meaning stray endlessly
From obsession to insanity,
And back again.

#vsspoem prompt for August 5th, 2023: Knowledge

Bottled Lies

Media to feed the fiction,
Locks to keep the world outside —
An antidote with barely
Truth enough to chill their bottle lies,
Selling by the bloody dozen.

#vsspoem prompt for August 4th, 2023: Chill

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