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glazed, repute, everyday, headspace, unwilling, stack, nerve, somehow, tide, acquainted, granted, loyal, clickbait, illiterate, expire, information, affirmation, avalanche, suburbs, overshadow
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Double Rainbows

Double rainbows, faded, jagged,
Gracing the gray autumn sky.
Beauty overshadowed by dark thoughts —
Fuck. It's gonna rain again

#vsspoem prompt for November 23rd, 2023: Overshadow

They Dream It

Books of war by girls from suburbs,
Tales of love, laced with despair.
They don't live it, yet, they dream it,
In this world, beyond repair.

#vsspoem prompt for November 22nd, 2023: Suburbs

Grains of Salt

Grains of salt, grains of sand,
How many for an avalanche —
What does it take to break
The status quo?

#vsspoem prompt for November 21st, 2023: Avalanche

By Color

Gardening for affirmation,
Weeding out the haters —
Social feeds arranged by color,
Cannot mask
The smell of shit.

#vsspoem prompt for November 20th, 2023: Affirmation


Sanity recovery,
Untethered from
Ophthalmic, Otic, Intranasal
Information IV’s —
The less I consume the news,
The less it consumes me.
The more I see the world
For real,
The more real life feels.

#vsspoem prompt for November 19th, 2023: Information

End Dates Due

Blindly chasing
Dreams with end dates due —
Expired before
The search is through.

#vsspoem prompt for November 18th, 2023: Expire

I Speak Out

A man with a message
In the land of the
Illiterate deaf —
I speak out…
Speak out…

#vsspoem prompt for November 17th, 2023: Illiterate


Soundbite clickbait
Out of context,
Warped to either point of view —
Its one truth?
None of these
Modern-day atrocities
Are new.

#vsspoem prompt for November 16th, 2023: Clickbait

Do The Work

Loyalty is never free.
A hand that strikes,
A hand that feeds —
Quid pro quo, reward or fear,
Do the work, or they will leave.

#vsspoem prompt for November 15th, 2023: Loyal

A Privilege

Like respect,
Honesty’s a privilege
Too often taken for granted.

#vsspoem prompt for November 14th, 2023: Granted

By The Letter

Fleeting impressions —
Acquainted by the letter,
With not a word of meaning

#vsspoem prompt for November 13th, 2023: Acquainted

Oceans Red

Navigating oceans red
Through winds of war
And tides of hate
Towards the dream.

#vsspoem prompt for November 12th, 2023: Tide

Social Is The Norm

Social is the norm,
Posting shit,
Following strangers —
Talking to ourselves
Until somehow
Starts listening.

#vsspoem prompt for November 11th, 2023: Somehow

Misery Stacks

At the bat?
Don't run, keep swinging.
Take down any fucker with the nerve
To tell you how to play —
There's more than one way to win.
Misery stacks when you get played,
So break the rules,
Break the cycle,
Break some fucking heads.

#vsspoem prompt for November 10th, 2023: Nerve

Still Slaves

For the quickest hare,
Stacking coin
To climb the trend line —
It's still slaves
Who build the pyramids.

#vsspoem prompt for November 9th, 2023: Stack


Power is a carrot
For those unwilling
To finish their greens —
Leftover, shoved to the edges
Of otherwise finished plates,
Deemed unsuitable to eat.

#vsspoem prompt for November 8th, 2023: Unwilling

Self-hate Spirals

Dark side headspace,
Self-hate spirals —
Going down.

#vsspoem prompt for November 7th, 2023: Headspace


Bloodied, shaded
Pride long faded
Still staining our everyday —
Why can't we just
Cut and run,
And find a better way?

#vsspoem prompt for November 6th, 2023: Everyday

Killed Repute

Good or evil,
It's all trivial to the suckered
Dead and gone,
Fired upon by ill-willed friendlies —
Would-be begrudged casualties
Of killed repute.

#vsspoem prompt for November 5th, 2023: Repute

Honeyed Sorrow

The threat and promise of tomorrow,
Glazed joy and honeyed sorrow —
It is never guaranteed.

#vsspoem prompt for November 4th, 2023: Glazed
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