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ai, make, measure, equalize, sunken, outline, punch, gullible, unsaid, zen, adult, scripture, edit, radar, bloodline, peripheral, satisfy, comfort, plug, spirit
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Confined Spirits

Cosmic joke,
Punishment, or lesson?
Animated figurines —
Confined spirits,
Trapped in broken flesh.

#vsspoem prompt for October 31st, 2023: Spirit

Plugging Up

Past the point of no return —
Locking out the world,
Plugging up the keyholes.

#vsspoem prompt for October 30th, 2023: Plug

Bullshit Valley

Comfort hikes through bullshit valley,
Singing with the echo well —
Our paths, our fates may be declining,
Though by our moods,
Not a soul could not tell.

#vsspoem prompt for October 29th, 2023: Comfort

The Social Disease

Exercising loneliness
To counter
The social disease —
There will be nothing out there for me,
So long there's not enough
Within myself
To satisfy my needs.

#vsspoem prompt for October 28th, 2023: Satisfy

Neglected Peripheral

Existing parallel
The neglected peripheral,
Racing the light,
Each step is a consequence sown —
Look up and see
The shadow of this world.
Then look around and see our own.

#vsspoem prompt for October 27th, 2023: Peripheral


Bloodlines eating their own tails,
Hereditary carousels —
Even into death,
We follow.

#vsspoem prompt for October 26th, 2023: Bloodline

Radared Sky

I'm not a number —
I just have a bunch
To know my by,
To call me by,
To find me by,
To weigh me by,
To judge me by,
Select me by,
Avoid me by,
To calculate my net worth by.
I'm free,
Like a tracked pidgin
In the radared sky.

#vsspoem prompt for October 25th, 2023: Radar

A Softer Blend

A self destructive habit,
No thought without an edit —
Dulling true colors
To match a softer blend.

#vsspoem prompt for October 24th, 2023: Edit

Words Eroded

Words eroded through the ages —
If you believe it is, or ever was
The voice of your maker,
You don't understand
How scripture works.

#vsspoem prompt for October 23rd, 2023: Scripture

Pass The Bottle

Accountable? Sure.
Responsible? No way.
The glass is half full,
Pass the bottle.
Don't preach how to adult —
I'll be okay.

#vsspoem prompt for October 22nd, 2023: Adult

Angry Old Man

I'm ranting, but know
I'm too young to become what I fear
— one more angry old man —
But man, it is hard to stay zen,
To stay mute,
When the few things you've learned
To hold meaning in life
Are on fire.

#vsspoem prompt for October 21st, 2023: Zen

The Next Big Bad

Screaming headlines, talking heads,
Building up the next big bad —
Pay attention to the things
Left unsaid.

#vsspoem prompt for October 20th, 2023: Unsaid


Such obvious deception,
It works, but how could it?
Pay to prove that you are you,
So we can sell you to the world?
Are we that gullible?

#vsspoem prompt for October 19th, 2023: Gullible

Punch The Sky

Screams for movement —
Punch the sky
To pierce the status quo.

#vsspoem prompt for October 18th, 2023: Punch

Memories Of You

Memories of you,
Out of sight, outlined
Behind cracked milkglass.
The warmth that was you,
In time we spent apart.

#vsspoem prompt for October 17th, 2023: Outline

Watery Moon

Sunken streets,
Watery moon.
This heart still bleeds,
These tears still flow,
Just not for you —
Not now, nor evermore.

#vsspoem prompt for October 16th, 2023: Sunken

One Small Misstep

Progress inching
Back and forward,
Accomplishments creaking
Under cumulative negatives —
One small misstep wipes the board.
Where there is an up,
There will always be
An equalizing fall.

#vsspoem prompt for October 15th, 2023: Equalize

Measure Everything

Measure distance, measure time.
Measure value, health, and life.
Measure anything and everything
But meaning —
No, for that,
Just keep asking

#vsspoem prompt for October 14th, 2023: Measure


There is no them
In freedom —
It's either we,
Or make-believe.

#vsspoem prompt for October 13th, 2023: Make-believe

The Rise

How long will it take
With the rise of AI
For humanity to fail
The Turing test?

#vsspoem prompt for October 12th, 2023: AI
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