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fashion, move, bullet, sympathy, demon, quick, matter, confident, unheard, traverse, hero, shaken, lining, adjoin, sweetheart, separation, silence, eager, persuasion, monster
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Never We

Monsters are the enemy —
Not me, not you.
No, never we.

#vsspoem prompt for March 26th, 2023: Monster

Similar Persuasions

Menagerie, all shapes and sizes,
Snakes of similar persuasions —
I can no longer tell
Which one is you.

#vsspoem prompt for March 25th, 2023: Persuasion

Eager Endings

Reluctant beginnings,
Eager endings —
In retrospect,
The signs were there.

#vsspoem prompt for March 24th, 2023: Eager

Break Silence

Your words, not mine.
Echoes cannot break silence —
Yet, apparently,
They shatter peace.

#vsspoem prompt for March 23rd, 2023: Silence

It Should Have Been You

Separation brings perspective,
As do years —
We've grown so distant.
I cannot believe
I used to think that
It should have been you.

#vsspoem prompt for March 22nd, 2023: Separation

The Mirror Lies

If the mirror says
You're ugly,
You're too beautiful inside
For your own good —
Like the world,
The mirror lies.

#vsspoem prompt for March 21st, 2023: Sweetheart

Lives Adjoined

Two lives adjoined,
But still apart —
Waiting to
Be given back
Their hearts.

#vsspoem prompt for March 20th, 2023: Adjoin

Paper Hopes

Killing time in self distraction,
Tragedies with silver linings —
Bitter tears putting out
My paper hopes, aflame.

#vsspoem prompt for March 19th, 2023: Lining


Fate, expectations —
Constructs to be shaken,
The more, the further
We journey in life.

#vsspoem prompt for March 18th, 2023: Shaken

Saints and Heroes

I'll be redeemed
Once I am gone —
After all,
The graveyard is
For saints and heroes.

#vsspoem prompt for March 17th, 2023: Hero

Time Traversed

Looking back,
Time traversed —
Upside down,
And in reverse.

#vsspoem prompt for March 16th, 2023: Traverse

The Unheard One

Cries for attention
Echo through the night,
With no one to answer
But the unheard one
Feeling left behind.

#vsspoem prompt for March 15th, 2023: Unheard

We Know

"Wait for me," says the selfish.
"I'll wait for you," says the unconfident —
But no, not you, nor I, my love.
We know. We part, and smile.
I'll see you when we reach
The other side.

#vsspoem prompt for March 14th, 2023: Confident

It Matters

It can't be had,
And yet, it matters —
Life is more
Than laws of men.

#vsspoem prompt for March 13th, 2023: Matter

What Cannot Be Had

Fantasies drained away
At the start of each new day —
A quick release to clear the mind
Of what cannot be had.

#vsspoem prompt for March 12th, 2023: Quick


Cruelty taught in crowded hallways,
Like a demon fitting room —
Life reshaped, remolded
In the moments between classes.

#vsspoem prompt for March 11th, 2023: Demon

Faded Sympathy

Naught but faded sympathy —
No love, no hate,
And it's too late
To ever change
The way you look at me.

#vsspoem prompt for March 10th, 2023: Sympathy

Face The Music

In the end
There's nothing to it —
Cut the knot,
Spit out the bullet.
Mute the world
And face the music
That you love.

#vsspoem prompt for March 9th, 2023: Bullet

Move On

For good, for bad,
You let me go —
It's fine. Move on,
I'll play that part.
I'll be the regret.

#vsspoem prompt for March 8th, 2023: Move



#vsspoem prompt for March 6th, 2023: Fashion
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