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minority, prime, fringe, topic, visit, substitute, welcome, whichever, lackadaisical, placate, cordial, pathetic, deemphasize, digital, proclaim, emergency, grind, indulge, scenery, trivial
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Fear of death,
Fear of debt.
Damnation here
Or ever after,
It’s trivial —
Enslave the populous,
Control through fear.

#vsspoem prompt for December 13th, 2023: Trivial

Change Of Scenery

A change of scenery,
That's all —
We're still waiting,
Though the dream
Has left the station.

#vsspoem prompt for December 12th, 2023: Scenery

The Biggest Lie

The biggest lie
Ever told
Is not the liar's,
But our own —
We willing fools,
Indulging in
A choice, presumed.

#vsspoem prompt for December 11th, 2023: Indulge

Beyond The Grind

It's hard
To see beyond the grind,
But don't mistake routine
For purpose.

#vsspoem prompt for December 10th, 2023: Grind

Just A Wolf

Cried the boy,
Although it was
Just a wolf.

#vsspoem prompt for December 9th, 2023: Emergency

Not Everyone Will Get It

The thing about creative efforts?
Not everyone will get it.
Accept that fact, and carry on
Whenever some ass or other
Loudly proclaims their ignorance,
Trying to pin that on you.

#vsspoem prompt for December 8th, 2023: Proclaim

The Digital Age

The digital age —
Our story may outlive
Its last living memory,
Make it a good one, eh?

#vsspoem prompt for December 7th, 2023: Digital

Ache For More

Reality unbending
With dreams that ache
For more.

#vsspoem prompt for December 6th, 2023: Deemphasize


Does it get
More pathetic?
I'm jealous of the life
You think I have.

#vsspoem prompt for December 5th, 2023: Pathetic


Not all answers
To a cry
Are cordial.

#vsspoem prompt for December 4th, 2023: Cordial

Howling At The Sun

Point to heat, point to rain,
Says one, so say they all.
Placate? No, mate —
Fear of change has
Wolves and sheep alike
Howling at the sun.

#vsspoem prompt for December 3rd, 2023: Placate

Like Lemmings

All for one,
And thus we fall
Like lemmings —
Positively lackadaisical.

#vsspoem prompt for December 2nd, 2023: Lackadaisical

All Time

Good times, bad times —
It's all time, all mine
To waste or lose
Whichever way I choose.

#vsspoem prompt for December 1st, 2023: Whichever

Too Great To Last

I knew it was too great to last.
Disappointed expectations —
Welcome to the failure
Of success.

#vsspoem prompt for November 30th, 2023: Welcome


Sometimes all it needs
Is a little creativity —
To mask a lack of pretty
With an air of cool and wisdom —
But I've yet to find a substitute
For love.

#vsspoem prompt November 29th, 2023: Substitute

The Calling Past

A stroll under the winter moon,
To watch its shadows dance —
Through darkness,
Through the biting cold,
Visiting the calling past,
Just over death's horizon,
Knowing I can still go home.

#vsspoem prompt for November 28th, 2023: Visit

Big Topics

Be it controlled or in anarchy,
Even for big topics
Like justice or equality,
There's no such thing
As an unforced agenda.

#vsspoem prompt for November 27th, 2023: Topic

At The Fringes

Soaked through and ever moving,
At the fringes of the storm —
The chosen home
Of we who don't belong.

#vsspoem prompt for November 26th, 2023: Fringe

Keep The Torch

Save your light
Past your prime —
Keep the torch
But pass the pinnacle.
Read the signs,
And move on.

#vsspoem prompt for November 25th, 2023: Prime

The Loud Minority

Votes separate
The loud minority.

#vsspoem prompt for November 24th, 2023: Minority
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