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learn, cuff, leak, join, mine, mark, linen, rare, bandwagon, debt, resonate, candor, gift, present, capitalism, ask, everyone, old, climate, midnight
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Two To Midnight

Christmas Carol warning bells —
Two to midnight to the tune of
Do they know it's Christmas time
At all.

#vsspoem prompt for December 22nd, 2022: Midnight

The Climate

Oh, the climate outside
Is frightful.

#vsspoem prompt for December 21st, 2022: Climate

The New Old-fashioned

Songs of change,
Here to stay —
We're dancing merrily
In the new old-fashioned way.

#vsspoem prompt for December 20th, 2022: Old-fashioned

Low Heat

Another year winding down,
Here it is, the time of joy —
With the heat turned way down low,
Is everyone still having fun?

#vsspoem prompt for December 19th, 2022: Everyone

Last Christmas

What more could I give,
What more could you ask —
Last Christmas
I gave you my heart.

#vsspoem prompt for December 18th, 2022: Ask

Capitalist Wishes

Bright storefronts scream colors,
Warm capitalist wishes —
It's beginning to look a lot
Like Christmas.

#vsspoem prompt for December 17th, 2022: Capitalism

Joy to the World

Christmas time,
Peace and glee —
Joy to the world,
Presents to me.

#vsspoem prompt for December 16th, 2022: Present

Here Tonight

We brought no gifts,
But one of love —
We're here tonight.
Isn't that enough?

#vsspoem prompt for December 15th, 2022: Gift


Nevermind the bitter,
Appreciate its candor —
Deceit comes honey coated.

#vsspoem prompt for December 14th, 2022: Candor

Books About War

Peace, the dream
We never learned —
With songs about heaven,
And books about war —
Resonates unnoticed
Through hollowed hearts,
In disappointed silence.

#vsspoem prompt for December 13th, 2022: Resonate

Cultural identity

Free but for the shackles
Of cultural identity,
Indebted by none but our own.

#vsspoem prompt for December 12th, 2022: Debt


Don't fear getting left behind —
The fun and games begin
Behind the bandwagon.

#vsspoem prompt for December 11th, 2022: Bandwagon

For All

There's love for all,
But rarely soon enough.

#vsspoem prompt for December 10th, 2022: Rare

Burning Shadows

Silent but within —
Burning shadows on linen,
Never to warm again.

#vsspoem prompt for December 9th, 2022: Linen

Ethereal Moments

V, the mark of absent friends,
Of messages, still unopened,
Final words, left unread —
Lingering ethereal moments.

#vsspoem prompt for December 8th, 2022: Mark

Where Would We Stay

If we leave, love,
Where would we stay —
Your heart or mine?

#vsspoem prompt for December 7th, 2022: Mine

Games of Tag

For a night?
For life?
Games of tag —
Heart and loins
Taking turns
Playing lover.

#vsspoem prompt for December 6th, 2022: Join

Passion Leaks

It's no longer you —
If it ever truly were.
Passion leaks
From hearts too open.

#vsspoem prompt for December 5th, 2022: Leak


Charity, a wrist-cuffed hand,
Forced to serve recycled chances
To a crowd of growing want,
Until the last can-do is spent —
Cut loose,
Bled of all but shallow

#vsspoem prompt for December 4th, 2022: Cuff

Childhood Lost

A teacher's hand,
A master's touch —
A lesson learned,
A childhood lost.

#vsspoem prompt for December 3rd, 2022: Learn
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