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chicken, humblebrag, delta, discuss, niche, polarize, educate, weight, place, tether, wink, skitter, defiance, embrace, audible, ledge, freefall, decline, invalidate, grayscale
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Rainbow Hearts

Rainbow hearts in grayscale palettes,
Brightness levels set to nine.
Celebrating every flavor —
One month, no love left behind.

#vsspoem prompt for June 4th, 2023: Grayscale

Sun Sets

And still we say
The sun rises.
Still we say
The sun sets —
Invalidated, ancient concepts
Used so often,
They've burned into our heads.

#vsspoem prompt for June 3rd, 2023: Invalidate

Unrealized Me

End of the line, settling decline
With mere inches of sky
Left to sail until breach,
The unreachable up has become
The unrealized me.

#vsspoem prompt for June 2nd, 2023: Decline

Freefall Repentance

Freefall repentance
Through clouds of missed chances,
Eyes fixed on the bottomless
Pits of release —
Towards where Death,
My savior eternal
Is waiting for me.

#vsspoem prompt for June 1st, 2023: Freefall

Outlines Of Redemption

Diving from the ledge
Through fading outlines of redemption,
Into unfamiliar depths —
Sacrificing anything,

#vsspoem prompt for May 31st, 2023: Ledge

We Were Here

Words like scars,
Wounds carved
Into the bark of this world.
Fearful confessions,
Like a record
Audible by touch alone —
We were here once before,
Much like you.
We were lost once, too.

#vsspoem prompt for May 30th, 2023: Audible

Silence Amplifies

Embracing our outer demons,
We beat drums of war,
But let them win —
Self-betrayal in celebration,
Lest a silence amplifies
The ones within.

#vsspoem prompt for May 29th, 2023: Embrace

To Fear

Strength by strength
To fear, to fear,
Until defiance's well runs dry.

#vsspoem prompt for May 28th, 2023: Defiance

Loose, Not Lost

Skittering through the dark
On hands and knees,
After marbles loose —
Not lost —
But to be honest,
It is not too big a difference.

#vsspoem prompt for May 27th, 2023: Skitter

Death Winks

Live afraid
And Death
Will wink.

#vsspoem prompt for May 26th, 2023: Wink


Adrift in reason,
Make logic your tether.

#vsspoem prompt for May 24th, 2023: Tether

A Thing To Overcome

Art knows beauty's order,
The all-in-its-place
To be a human weakness —
A thing to overcome,
Yet, rarely grasps
Its depths of truth.

#vsspoem prompt for May 24th, 2023: Place

Weight Of Days

The weight of days —
Good nor bad
Comes in measures
But too little,
Too much,
Too soon,
Too late.

#vsspoem prompt for May 23rd, 2023: Weight

Alpha Bullshit

Populist, masochist,
Violent macho alpha bullshit —
How is this still a thing?
Capitalist education systems.

#vsspoem prompt for May 22nd, 2023: Educate

Still A Thing

It's sadly still a thing,
Polarizing public statements —
Be they sexist, be they racist.
Why so bitter, little ubermensch?

#vsspoem prompt for May 21st, 2023: Polarize

On The Niche

Culture? Nah, mate.
Industry just zooms in
On the niche,
Extrapolates the artifacts
Set to a beat
To keep the world tuned,
Dancing to their feed —
It's simple economics.

#vsspoem prompt for May 20th, 2023: Niche

Forget Fiction

Forget fiction —
Let's discuss truth
And its many masks.

#vsspoem prompt for May 19th, 2023: Discuss


Creation breeds
In the delta of sanity,
Where reason
Bleeds back into an ocean
Of sense.

#vsspoem prompt for May 18th, 2023: Delta


Triple-layered humblebrags,
The clown outshines the martyr —
Pain-shaded, painted smiles
Sheltering under paper screens,
Catering to all your expectations.

#vsspoem prompt for May 17th, 2023: Humblebrag

Winner, winner

Winner, winner —
I chickened out
And got some dinner instead.
Winner, winner,
There's no happiness in fame.
Winner, winner —
It's a shame that it still needs to be said,
That there is no opinion greater
Than our own.

#vsspoem prompt for May 16th, 2023: Chicken

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