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deluxe, monitor, species, feedback, crisis, shortcut, frame, elicit, worry, simultaneous, shoreline, dimension, relief, world, train, throwaway, sheen, overrated, single, suitor
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Baseless Expectations

No race,
No test,
No measuring of
Every suitor against the rest.
The problem's not
Our strengths, shortcomings,
Nor our love —
It's our baseless expectations
And our blindness to that fact.

#vsspoem prompt for September 21st, 2023: Suitor

That Single Thing

You are
So many things
I despise —
And yet, you draw me in
With that single thing I like.

#vsspoem prompt for September 20th, 2023: Single


You know,
Sometimes words are overrated —
After all, did I not tell you
How much
It meant to me?

#vsspoem prompt for September 19th, 2023: Overrated


Rocks without the sheen,
Gold without the gleam,
Fire without the heat —
Burned up and washed out.
Mirror, tell me that's not me.

#vsspoem prompt for September 18th, 2023: Sheen

Throwaway Morals

Throwaway morals,
Rooted in I —
Kindness, a quality

#vsspoem prompt for September 17th, 2023: Throwaway

I Brought Popcorn

Go on, hit the gas
And drive that train
Straight off the tracks —
I but hold back
The self-destructive ones I love,
And I brought popcorn.

#vsspoem prompt for September 16th, 2023: Train

Holes In Me

I'd hold on,
But there's holes in me,
And through them
Leaks the world.

#vsspoem prompt for September 15th, 2023: World

Cracked Burdens

Let go, release —
Cracked burdens
Spill relief.

#vsspoem prompt for September 14th, 2023: Relief

One Dimension

Arguing in one dimension —
Anger killed
Any chance of depth.

#vsspoem prompt for September 13th, 2023: Dimension

Ocean Breaks

Convictions made of sand —
Like how the shoreline
Breaks the ocean,
It matters where you
Make your stand.

#vsspoem prompt for September 12th, 2023: Shoreline

The Parts We Play

Mental constructs, inclinations,
We are caught, but not in cages,
Prisoners of the parts we play —
Accused, judge, and jury,
Predator and prey.
Inmate, guard, and warden
Any fucking day.

#vsspoem prompt for September 11th, 2023: Simultaneous

Live Like This

Without worry,
What is there to think about?
And without thought
We would not live like this.

#vsspoem prompt for September 10th, 2023: Worry

Losing You

No other —
Imagined, encountered,
Past, present, or future —
Could ever elicit
The feelings I lost,
Losing you.

#vsspoem prompt for September 9th, 2023: Elicit

Golden Frames

Love, affection,
Bought to care for.
Loneliness in golden frames —
Without you my empty life
Would not have been the same.

#vsspoem prompt for September 8th, 2023: Frame

The Long Way

No shortcut's worthwhile —
All I admire
Came the long way.

#vsspoem prompt for September 7th, 2023: Shortcut


The lie collapsed
Half life crisis,
Cracked pink glasses —
Gray, unrelenting,
Floods back in.

#vsspoem prompt for September 6th, 2023: Crisis


A human invention,
Success is a construct,
A feedback-looped
Closed circle jerk —
Gather round,
Pat your neighbor on the back
Until the hive mind
Shares but one intention.

#vsspoem prompt for September 5th, 2023: Feedback

Pattern Seeking

Black and white,
Day and night,
Dark and light —
For good, for bad,
We're hardwired to be
A pattern-seeking species.

#vsspoem prompt for September 4th, 2023: Species


Little signals,
Biting, guiding,
Giving voice to what's inside —
Undervalued, feared, and hated,
Monitoring our precious lives.

#vsspoem prompt for September 3rd, 2023: Monitor

The Good Life

Chasing the premium,
Deluxe and supreme —
Craving the comfort,
The good life
Exclusive to VIPs.

#vsspoem prompt for September 2nd, 2023: Deluxe

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