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decade, climate, batter, profanity, critique, puzzle, withdrawal, captivate, detriment, infringe, location, skepticism, nothing, solace, recognize, circle, example, fear, hour, functional
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Roads To Recovery

Paving roads to recovery
I'm bound to first
Run down and bury
The last functional parts of me.

#vsspoem prompt for June 28th, 2024: Functional

Darkest Hour

In my darkest hour —
Breathe shame
And radiate

#vsspoem prompt for June 27th, 2024: Hour

All Of Me

At my lowest, I will preach
But not believe —
This fear ain't all of me.

#vsspoem prompt for January 26th, 2024: Fear

The Bad Example

At heart we're all still
Little kids that talk too much —
Walking the walk
We're taught to walk,
Next in line to set
The bad example.

#vsspoem prompt for June 25th, 2024: Example

Peace Of Heart

There is a rhythm to the world,
A pattern to its melody —
A multitude of verses
Circling back to a chorus.
Even in all freedom
We crave the familiar,
Always returning
To its peace of heart.

#vsspoem prompt for June 24th, 2024: Circle

Cry With Me

Cry with me, I feel the same
Parallel truths and values —
Recognized, validated,
Single minded, if only
This one moment in time.

#vsspoem prompt for June 23rd, 2024: Recognize

The Shape Of Loss

Absence in the shape of loss,
Memories of pain long faded.
Puzzles incomplete, sitting
With countless missing pieces —
Seeking solace in the simple fact
That some were never there,
While knowing
That most of them
Were you.

#vsspoem prompt for June 22nd, 2024: Solace


If you are
What you have,
You are nothing —
If you are
But a purpose,
Even less.

#vsspoem prompt for June 21st, 2024: Nothing

Those Who Should Know Better

Intellectualism —
The curious phenomenon
That blinds those
Who should know better
Through ironclad conventions
And cultural skepticism.

#vsspoem prompt for June 20th, 2024: Skepticism


I know
You are watching
When the moon
Is in the wrong location.

#vsspoem prompt for June 19th, 2024: Location

Intrinsic Values

All and any intrinsic values
Indiscriminately infringed upon —
None of us entitled to special dispensation,
None of us elevated by moral law.

#vsspoem prompt for June 18th, 2024: Infringe

Good Intentions

Detrimental good intentions,
Out of heaven, into hell —
Routes this regular commuter’s
Come to know far too well.

#vsspoem prompt for June 17th, 2024: Detriment

The Death of an Age

Captivated —
The death of an age
Was never
So entertaining.

#vsspoem prompt for June 26th, 2024: Captivate

Hope Needs Light

Life withdrawal,
Hope needs light —
Struggling on
Unfamiliar ground.
After all,
We never started
At rock bottom.

#vsspoem prompt for June 15th, 2024: Withdrawal

Broken Puzzle

Sanity, a broken puzzle,
Forcing us to
Fill in the blanks,
But at what cost?
I can't be bothered
With the hussle.

#vsspoem prompt for June 14th, 2024: Puzzle

What Poetry Is

Thanks for your
Heartfelt critique,
But, no. Just no —
I may not fit the mold,
But you don't get to tell me
What poetry is.


Nothing's more relaxing
Than some well deserved

#vsspoem prompt for June 12th, 2024: Profanity

Cracks In Our Truth

Fractured faith,
What's been seen
Cannot be unseen —
Battered with
The force of reason,
In the absence of belief
Cracks in our truth
Become the light.

#vsspoem prompt for June 11th, 2024: Batter

Behind Our Fear

The wall,
The dikes,
The morals,
Sheltered from
The world
Behind our fear —
The ozone’s whole,
The waters level,
While the climate
Keeps on changing.

#vsspoem prompt for June 10th, 2024: Climate

Up In Letters

Half a decade up in letters —
Some days fast and vanilla,
But usually they're
Deeper, thoughtful,
And, well, overall better.
Either way, thank you
For having words with me.

#vsspoem prompt for June 9th, 2024: Decade
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