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cultivate, pheromone, monologue, capricious, rejoice, mount, anchor, samaritan, deserve, prop, print, insinuate, furious, character, canon, dawn, another, ai, make, measure
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Measure Everything

Measure distance, measure time.
Measure value, health, and life.
Measure anything and everything
But meaning —
No, for that,
Just keep asking

#vsspoem prompt for October 14th, 2023: Measure


There is no them
In freedom —
It's either we,
Or make-believe.

#vsspoem prompt for October 13th, 2023: Make-believe

The Rise

How long will it take
With the rise of AI
For humanity to fail
The Turing test?

#vsspoem prompt for October 12th, 2023: AI

Another's Land

Post-war peace,
Let's be friends —
Take my side
And promise me
Another's land.

#vsspoem prompt for October 11th, 2023: Another

Doomed Tomorrow

Hopes for a doomed tomorrow,
Finger painted with my tears —
I can still picture it, but come dawn,
The canvas will seem blank,
Even to me.

#vsspoem prompt for October 10th, 2023: Dawn

To Crescendo

Lives in sound and word,
Verses sang towards the chorus —
A cacophony, a canon
Looping back while racing forward
To crescendo.

#vsspoem prompt for October 9th, 2023: Canon

Hereditary Us

The hell.
Soldiers of a shared identity?
Fuck your culture,
And for that matter,
Fuck mine as well —
Instead, let's ask ourselves,
What makes you you,
What makes me me,
Beyond character vultures
And stock personalities,
The hereditary us?

#vsspoem prompt for October 8th, 2023: Character

Fire Unmutes

Furious silence —
Fire unmutes,
Behind frosted eyes.

#vsspoem prompt for October 7th, 2023: Furious

Martyr Me

Martyr me, insinuate,
Pad my sins,
Make them larger than life —
Give the world something
To remember me by.

#vsspoem prompt for October 6th, 2023: Insinuate

Love Is

Oh, the memory of you,
The many tiny trails
Across my heart —
Of kitten paws and puppy love —
Now firmly crushed
Beneath your boot print.
You taught me everything
Love is not.

#vsspoem prompt for October 5th, 2023: Print

Smoke And Mirrors

Rockstar, diva, PrimaDonna,
Look beyond your spotlight.
Your world,
Smoke and mirrors,
It's a stage —
All props, all fake.
You're not all that,
No more than a product we were
Made to buy.
Industry made you the lie.

#vsspoem prompt for October 4th, 2023: Prop

Life's Not Fair

Life's not fair,
That's just it —
Means jack shit.

#vsspoem prompt for October 3rd, 2023: Deserve

Lost Samaritan

You're lost, samaritan,
Unwanted here.
Is it your heart
Or you
That's in the wrong place?

#vsspoem prompt for October 2nd, 2023: Samaritan

My Rock

My anchor, my rock,
Keeping me down,
Holding me back —
I love you.

#vsspoem prompt for October 1st, 2023: Anchor

Suffering Lost

Now all your suffering is lost,
Only the hole is left behind,
An emptiness, too great to fill.
Now that the hands of time have stopped,
There is nothing left but memories
And their ever mounting costs.

#vsspoem prompt for September 30th, 2023: Mount

The Fall

Nature gaped, shaked of the dust.
Unleashed in a blinding fury,
Silenced with a thundering roar —
Life rained down,
Raging, screaming;
Rise, drink up,rejoice,
Summer is no more!
Thus began the fall.

#vsspoem prompt for September 29th, 2023: Rejoice

It Isn't Me

Adoration on a timer,
Antipathy on repeat —
Capricious herd opinion.
What you see,
It isn't me.

#vsspoem prompt for September 28th, 2023: Capricious

Look Both Ways

Look both ways
Before crossing this street —
Art's a conversation,
Not a monologue.

#vsspoem prompt for September 27th, 2023: Monologue

Separate Somedays

Pheromone radio,
Dials spinning like crazy
Whenever we meet —
Mutual we linger,
Reluctant to resume
Our separate somedays.

#vsspoem prompt for September 26th, 2023: Pheromone

Cultivated Norms

Individuality in color-coded graphs,
Freeform exercises
Within cultivated norms —
Choose your part and play along.

#vsspoem prompt for September 25th, 2023: Cultivate
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