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dictate, ricochet, forsaken, wish, timeline, abundance, confines, incandescent, dinner, transpose, prejudice, sentiment, bullet, statistic, humane, resolute, block, pasture, current, sarcasm
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A Substantial Line

There's a substantial line
Between sarcasm and assholery,
Which often correlates
With intellect.

#vsspoem prompt for January 2nd, 2024: Sarcasm

Win At Life

Happiness is not a constant,
Nor is it a given.
Dive deep,
Ride time's currents,
Grasp those moments
Where you find them —
But remember,
This is not a game of
Win at life.

#vsspoem prompt for January 1st, 2024: Current

At Pasture

Fractured potential,
A species at pasture —
Growing fat on
The last remaining riches
Of a long lost golden age.

#vsspoem prompt for December 31st, 2023: Pasture

Full Of Sunshine

I'm doing quite well,
Thank you very much.
Positivity at rock bottom —
I've got a piss bucket
Full of sunshine,
And two cotton wads
To block the smell.

#vsspoem prompt for December 30th, 2023: Block

Keep The Sickness In

To save a world
Beyond healing,
Wearing masks to keep
The sickness in.

#vsspoem prompt for December 29th, 2023: Resolute

The Humane Way

Give and take
The humane way —
Listen to reason,
Then reason to live.

#vsspoem prompt for December 28th, 2023: Humane

A Statistic

Kept within our demographics,
God forbid we break the mold —
Happiness a mere statistic,
More a median than a goal.

#vsspoem prompt for December 27th, 2023: Statistic

Counting Bullets

Counting bullets from the trenches,
Willing the world to sleep —
Silent night, holy night,
Stars above, grant us peace.

#vsspoem prompt for December 26th, 2023: Bullet

Comfort In Darkness

A thousand times rewritten;
Winter solstice
Festival of light.
Yet, the sentiment remains —
Comfort in darkness,
Regardless beneath which
Politics, religion, ideology
It hides.

#vsspoem prompt for December 25th, 2023: Sentiment

What Is Change

Chaos born,
What is change, truly?
We thought the world
An unfair place —
Of privilege,
Of prejudice.
Little did we show.

#vsspoem prompt for December 24th, 2023: Prejudice

Changing Color

White pills changing color,
Switching voices for the pain,
Never altering its loudness —
Transposed, remixed, orchestrated,
Yet, my body screams
The same.

#vsspoem prompt for December 23rd, 2023: Transpose

Prefab Meals

Heating prefab dinners
In otherwise unused kitchens.
It feeds, sure.
But a meal
Should be so much more.

#vsspoem prompt for December 22nd, 2023: Dinner

Pain Incandescent

Hot and cold
Pain incandescent,
Sharp and dulling
Signals blinding —
Binding, begging,
Leaving me incapable
To act.

#vsspoem prompt for December 21st, 2023: Incandescent

The Art of Control

The art of
Control —
Do as you like,
So long it’s within
The confines
Of what you've been told.

#vsspoem prompt for December 20th, 2023: Confines

Glass Houses

It's not that I
Have anything to hide,
Am too shy,
Or do not appreciate
The abundance of natural light —
Glass houses simply offer
Too little storage
To contain a life.

#vsspoem prompt for December 19th, 2023: Abundance

Iconized Timelines

Iconized timelines,
Heroes, villains,
Saints, demons,
Martyrs, sinners —
But, mind you,
Dark or light,
From any shade,
Just the winners.
History as chosen by those
Who pick the victors.

#vsspoem prompt for December 18th, 2023: Timeline

I Forgot

I used to know what it's like
To live in pain,
But for a while, somehow, blissfully,
I forgot.
And now that it's returned,
More than wishing it would stop,
I mostly fear it works the same
With happiness.

#vsspoem prompt for December 17th, 2023: Wish

Praised Today

Twisting truth to match the lie,
Fallen angels, demonized —
Even we, praised today,
Might tomorrow find ourselves
Hashtag flavour of the day,
And then they came
For me.

#vsspoem prompt for December 16th, 2023: Forsaken


Words of love
Ricochet —
Some dreams
Ain't meant to be,
Some hearts
Cannot be reached.

#vsspoem prompt for December 15th, 2023: Ricochet

Your World Beholden

Paint me thoughts
And sing me hopes
For what you feel
A life should be.
Share with me
You world beholden —
I will listen,
I will hear you,
And never dictate sanity.

#vsspoem prompt for December 14th, 2023: Dictate

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