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filter, intermittent, naive, possessed, remedy, weed, nuisance, house, weary, highlight, exit, vignette, fiction, mourn, pour, page, spend, apprehension, conquest, infidel
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I, Infidel

The serpent eats its tail —
A cage of self,
Of mirrored truths.
You, infidel,
I, infidel —
A hell of hate,
Of clashing fates,
No matter what we do.

#vsspoem prompt for January 28th, 2024: Infidel

Bitter Hearts

Bitter hearts, poisoned, betrayed,
Phantom longing aimed astray,
Set on winding, endless paths —
Kingdoms built on conquest,
Cultures forged from want.

#vsspoem prompt for January 27th, 2024: Conquest

Fear Invasion

Absent comprehension —
Ignorant the fear invasion.

#vsspoem prompt for January 26th, 2024: Apprehension

The Value of Plenty

The value of plenty
Only dawns
After spending.

#vsspoem prompt for January 25th, 2024: Spend

For The Dead

Call me what you will
Until my tale runs out of pages,
Then decide on one —
Names are for the dead.

#vsspoem prompt for January 24th, 2024: Page

Brand New Shapes

Reduced to tears,
I learned to pour myself
Into brand new shapes —
But still see
My old reflection.

#vsspoem prompt for January 23rd, 2024: Pour

Won In Blood

When won in blood,
Peace can't outlast
The mourning of its forging.

#vsspoem prompt for January 22nd, 2024: Mourn

Higher Standards

I don't watch the news —
I have way higher standards
For my fiction.

#vsspoem prompt for January 21st, 2024: Fiction

Karma Resume

So desperate to please —
Collecting participation vignettes
To pad a karma resume
Penned in red.

#vsspoem prompt for January 20th, 2023: Vignette

Exit Strategies

Social comparison,
A viral disease —
Validating, empowering
Assholes and cowards
To justify our exit strategies.
Is it any wonder
This ship is sinking?

#vsspoem prompt for January 19th, 2024: Exit

We Chose Before

A fork in the road,
We chose before, and poorly —
Fear highlights our faults.

#vsspoem prompt for January 17th, 2024: Highlight

New Formed Day

Weary drift my worries
From hellfire
To the shadows of
A new formed day.

#vsspoem prompt for January 18th, 2024: Weary

Dog House

In the dog house?
We should be so lucky.

#vsspoem prompt for January 16th, 2024: House

Edges Of I

Embracing the nuisance
In hopes it subsides —
Situational tinnitus
At the edges of I.

#vsspoem prompt for January 15th, 2024: Nuisance

Love The Lie

Gardening to weed the pain,
We tend the dream
And love the lie.

#vsspoem prompt for January 14th, 2024: Weed

Empty Mind

Inspiration on an empty mind,
Violence on an empty stomach —
It is nothing that
Some coffee cannot remedy.

#vsspoem prompt for January 13th, 2023: Remedy

A World Possessed

Stalling —
Spinning like
A world possessed.

#vsspoem prompt for January 12th, 2023: Possessed

Waiting For Me

Searching for a green light,
Staring at the sun —
All I see is red.
Looking for a way out
In all familiar places
Where nothing ever changes,
And no one ever leaves —
Expecting naively that fortune,
Unwilling for all,
Is simply
Waiting for me.

#vsspoem prompt for January 11th, 2024: Naive

Goals Intermittent

Gone off the deep end
For goals intermittent —
Chasing the dream,
Riding runaway trains
Of unguided ambition.

#vsspoem prompt for January 10th, 2024: Intermittent

Too Close

Yeah, you don't like me —
It’s obvious, but that's alright.
Lacking a filter on my words
I probably hit
Too close to the painful truth,

#vsspoem prompt for January 9th, 2024: Filter
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