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carrousel, digest, sparse, praise, magnet, poison, reflection, scream, asshole, commodity, irreconcilable, bland, something, indulge, wallow, speaker, bias, siphon, crossfire, dominance
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Raising Hell

Reality, a storm of
Clashing single-cell perceptions,
Seeking dominance in alienation
Of all but the self —
Seeking heaven, raising hell.

#vsspoem prompt for August 3rd, 2023: Dominance

The War Inside

Crossfire interplay,
Victims of the war
We wage inside —
Taking both sides.

vsspoem prompt for August 2nd, 2023: Crossfire

A Little Extra

Siphoning a little extra,
Who would notice,
Who could care?
Once, twice,
Often, structurally —

#vsspoem prompt for August 1st, 2023: Siphon


Tweaked perception,
Biased observation —
Before the light
Hits our eyes,
It's hindsight.

#vsspoem prompt for July 31st, 2023: Bias


Left unspoken,
Left unheard,
I put to bed
Hurt unaddressed —
Librarian to the departed,
Speaker for the sad.

#vsspoem prompt for July 30th, 2023: Speaker

Familiar Numbness

Wallowing in frustration,
Blanket pain, bottomless grief —
Any dark sensation beats
The too familiar numbness
Of not feeling.

#vsspoem prompt for July 29th, 2023: Wallow

If This Is Freedom

Such futile
Self-indulgence —
If this is freedom,
I can't believe
We paid for this.

#vsspoem prompt for July 28th, 2023: Indulge


Not angry, not sad,
Not even disappointed —
Just very… something.

#vsspoem prompt for July 27th, 2023: Something

I Felt That

"I felt that," said the poet,
A self-proclaimed
Ending the poem —
A short piece of
Too bland, yet purple prose —
And I did not feel a thing.

#vsspoem prompt for July 26th, 2023: Bland

Buried Love

From the crypt
Not the heart —
Buried love,
Words spit in pain,
Irreconcilably apart.

#vsspoem prompt for July 24th, 2023: Irreconcilable


Our voice,
Their commodity —
Of purchase
Of speech.

#vsspoem prompt for July 24th, 2023: Commodity

Idolize Assholes

Things are bad?
What did you expect?
We most value attention,
Then idolize assholes
Who won't chase anything but.
Plot twist, right?
Yeah, not quite.

#vsspoem prompt for July 23rd, 2023: Asshole

Blue World

Scream to be heard,
Then pay to be you —
It's a blue, blue world
Slowly dying,
Yet, no one seems to mind.

#vsspoem prompt for July 22nd, 2023: Scream

Upon Reflection

Sanity collapse —
One sudden, brutal loss
Too many.
My mental mirror breaks
Upon reflection.

#vsspoem prompt for July 21st, 2023: Reflection

Poison Love

Poison love,
Too sweet, it's taste,
Swallowed whole —
I'd die for you,
A little every day.

#vsspoem prompt for July 20th, 2023: Poison

Trouble Magnet

Free time bandit,
Trouble magnet —
Come with me,
Let's have a ball.

#vsspoem prompt for July 19th, 2023: Magnet

Be Real

Don't need praise,
Don't need kindness,
Fuck plastic sincerity —
Be real with me.

#vsspoem prompt for July 18th, 2023: Praise

Deaf To Want

Often chance
Is deaf to want.
Not all who fail
Got to try —
Yet, we waste
The sparse opportunities
We got.

#vsspoem prompt July 17th, 2023: Sparse


Connect, dissect,
Digest, react —
Opinions weighed
Any and all impressions.
That's a fact.

#vsspoem prompt for July 16th, 2023: Digest

The Endless Race

The endless race
That can't be won —
Our carrousel
Around the sun.

#vsspoem prompt for July 15th, 2023: Carrousel

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