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weakness, finish, mute, skin, consent, collapse, melancholy, leech, heartstrings, meander, preamble, cursor, camera, apathy, sympathy, diverge, concrete, domino, fry, construct
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Sure, I could spit my truths,
And force an echo —
Poor man's rhythm —
Construct sentences to
Carry vowels,
Not my heart.
No, I'm not feeling that.
Instead, let me give you
One of my harder life lessons:
Not everything, everyone
Always comes back.

#vsspoem prompt for May 12th, 2023: Construct

Angel Kisses

Angel kisses, wings of fire,
Synapses fried —
Faith burned alive.

#vsspoem prompt for May 11th, 2023: Fry

Verbal Dominoes

Words withheld, lacking strength,
Halt cascading
Worries, fears, regrets —
Partings robbed
In mutual, mute consent
Of all those painful fragile little
Verbal dominoes.

#vsspoem prompt for May 10th, 2023: Domino

Seven Easy Steps

Concrete lives in swampland condos,
The high-rise-underground express —
Mind the view, your life
Flies by fast, in seven easy steps.
Birth, school,
Work, procreate,
Raise, educate,
Then death.

#vsspoem prompt for May 9th, 2023: Concrete

Not So Pretty

Diverging art from life,
We prefer our monsters
Not so pretty.

#vsspoem prompt for May 8th, 2023: Diverge

Shallow Scars

Beware, though never in the mirror
They're always there,
Praying on the willing ear —
These sympathy vampires with their
Shallow scars and hollow tears.

#vsspoem prompt for May 7th, 2023: Sympathy

Zero-distance Apathy

I know you are still watching,
By the counters on my feed —
Look-don't-touch-me, come and love me,
Zero-distance apathy.
Show the world your worth,
Truth or fiction —
It's all the same to me.

#vsspoem prompt for May 6th, 2023: Apathy

Truth In Layers

Writings on the mirror,
Projected onto me —
Truth in layers, obfuscating
What we're not supposed to see.
Smiling for the camera,
Eyes dead to the world,
Smoldering within.

#vsspoem prompt for May 5th, 2023: Camera

Is This Thing On?

Light, a blinking cursor,
Questions asked, unanswered —
Are you there,
Is this thing on?
Reactions nor compassion —
Drive-by clicks to like my pain,
And then they're gone.
Are we still live?
Are you still there,
Is this thing on?

#vsspoem prompt for May 4th, 2023: Cursor

Burning Butterflies

Loveless lust,
Heat preamble —
Clouds of
Burning butterflies.

#vsspoem prompt for May 3rd, 2023: Preamble

Colored Odes

Streams of consciousness
All colored odes to selfish I's —
All of it truth,
None of it life.

#vsspoem prompt for May 2nd, 2023: Meander

Pulling Heartstrings

Summer love
And winter gloom —
Unseen fingers
Not our own,
Pulling heartstrings.

#vsspoem prompt for May 1st, 2023: Heartstrings


Leeches holding on
For dear life,
Disciples of the great win-win —
Incapable, unskilled, unmotivated,

#vsspoem prompt for April 30th, 2023: Leech

All That Hurts

And strain —
Letting go of all that hurts
Leaves only

#vsspoem prompt for April 29th, 2023: Melancholy

The New Default

Burned into our retina's
These values,
Frozen mid-collapse,
The new default of normalcy —
Our sanity, reality
Be damned.

#vsspoem prompt for April 28th, 2023: Collapse

Bartering Consent

It's a game,
Favors, debts —
The used, the using,
All mere players,
Bartering consent.

#vsspoem prompt for April 27th, 2023: Consent

Counting Breaths

Counting breaths,
To the pulse
Beneath the skin —
Taking in
The ebb and flow
Of life.

#vsspoem prompt for April 26th, 2023: Skin

Love Over Easy

Never learned —
Cravings mute the memories
Of heartburn and
Love over easy.

#vsspoem prompt for April 25th, 2023: Mute


Ignorant, us mortals,
For death is nothing like —
A truth, no matter how
It's finished.

#vsspoem prompt for April 24th, 2023: Finish


Make fantasy
A weakness.

#vsspoem prompt for April 23rd, 2023: Weakness
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