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mirror, disappoint, walk, motive, toil, reality, destination, radiate, rinse, different, resent, silent, identity, aware, moment, words, welcome, choice, sugar, open
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Lean on me

Lean on me
If you need me
I'll always
Be there for you
Just know
Opening up myself
I cannot
Will not ever do

#vsspoem prompt for November 1st, 2019: Open

Recipe elusive

Reveal to me
Your recipe elusive
So far I've gathered
Love and warmth
But how much
Is the right amount
Of sugar

#vsspoem prompt for November 2nd, 2019: Sugar


Even the worst of lives
Isn't all bad
Not all the choices you fear
Are choices you'll regret

#vsspoem prompt for November 3rd, 2019: Choice

After trauma

After trauma
Healing starts
With pleasant thoughts
Good times
And welcome feelings

#vsspoem prompt for November 4th, 2019: Welcome

Tweet by example

Words of others
Though they may inspire
Don't copy
Let them instead
Rekindle your creative powers
Find your own voice
Quote only yourself
And tweet by example

#vsspoem prompt for November 6th, 2019: Words

Stolen moments

Your lips to mine
Before we part
Stolen moments
Time can’t reach
Inside my heart
Where you will live

#vsspoem prompt for November 6th, 2019: Moment

Charming prey

Trust often starts
With tenderness
The wolf, aware
Changed its act
Charming prey
Towards its slaughter

#vsspoem prompt for November 7th, 2019: Aware

Identity denied

Identity denied
Commandments at war within
Love turned hateful
Preached as sin

#vsspoem prompt for November 8th, 2019: Identity

Silent sky

Speak to me
Silent sky
Hear my plea
Your child

#vsspoem prompt for November 9th, 2019: Silent

Resent me not

I'm not at fault
My conscience clean
Intentions pure
Resent me not

#vsspoem prompt for November 10th, 2019: Resent

No two alike

Explain to me
How souls alive
No two alike
Can justify
Judging each other
For being different

#vsspoem prompt for November 11th, 2019: Different

Rinse, repeat

Ever growing
Ever fleeting
Birth, life, death
Rinse, repeat

#vsspoem prompt for November 12th, 2019: Rinse

The dark within

Hollow eyes
Set into her
Mask of smiles
The dark within

#vsspoem prompt for November 13th, 2019: Radiate

Journey's end

Come what may
At journey's end
Life's not about
Its destination

#vsspoem prompt for November 14th, 2019: Destination

Pink clouds

Pink clouds
Not long after
Ever after
As reality sets in

#vsspoem prompt for November 15th, 2019: Reality

Victim of mortality

Don't expect too much
I'm but a victim of mortality
Toiling away at destiny
In hopes that it may change

#vsspoem prompt for November 16th, 2019: Toil

Tender loving care

Don't question
My egocentric motives
Thinly coated
In tender loving care

#vsspoem prompt for November 17th, 2019: Motive

Too real

Fragile illusion
Please remain to be
My heart's desire
A fantasy
For I scare
Quite easily
And might walk out
Once you become
Too real

#vsspoem prompt for November 18th, 2019: Walk

Lack of insight

Spare me
Your excuses
You should know
What goes on
Inside my mind
I find this lack of insight
Highly disappointing

#vsspoem prompt for November 19th, 2019: Disappoint

Mirrors, cracked

None but fools expect
Images shown
In mirrors cracked
To show more truth
Than they may feel
Inside themselves

#vsspoem prompt for November 20th, 2019: Mirror
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