Showing prompts for August 23rd, 2020 until September 11th, 2020.

chapter, lever, breathe, willow, bother, electric, erase, guide, comprehension, obsess, absolute, drain, patron, special, pleasure, dress, stagnant, violence, mantra
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Bring Depth

A mantra made
For cloudy days —
Darker shades
Bring depth.

#vsspoem prompt for September 11th, 2020: Mantra

What Begets Violence

You are wrong —
It can be the answer
If the question is:
What begets violence?

#vsspoem prompt for September 10th, 2020: Violence

Stagnant Expectation

Reality on pause,
Trapped in
Stagnant expectation —
Lost, awaiting a
Fictitious tomorrow,
Long since
Torn apart.

#vsspoem prompt for September 9th, 2020: Stagnant

Dress for the worst

Leave if you must,
But know —
Although not all change
Comes on cold wings,
It cannot hurt
To dress for the worst.
Stay warm.

#vsspoem prompt for September 7th, 2020: Dress

Morality Neuters


#vsspoem prompt for September 6th, 2020: Pleasure


A mere word-wizard.
My one talent?
Pulling colorful grains up
From depths of my
Gray oceans
Into the realm of probability.
A dreamer,
A one-trick pony —
All I do
Is create.
I'm nothing special.

#vsspoem prompt for September 5th, 2020: Special

Saint Terror

Abandon all hope —
Praise Saint Terror,
Patron of the lost.

#vsspoem prompt for September 4th, 2020: Patron

Drain me

I said
Take me —
Drain me.

#vsspoem prompt for September 3rd, 2020: Drain

Live the discrepancy

In a world of absolutes,
Live the discrepancy.

#vsspoem prompt for September 2nd, 2020: Absolute

Our magnificence

Obsessed with our shortcomings,
Blind to our magnificence.

#vsspoem prompt for September 1st, 2020: Obsess

Stretching truth

Pattern seeking minds,
Stretching truth
To fit the known —
Comprehension denied.

#vsspoem prompt for August 31st, 2020: Comprehension

Embrace the storm

What stays behind
Will still be gone —
Embrace the storm,
Let it guide you.

#vsspoem prompt for August 30th, 2020: Guide

Forbidden words

There is
No deeper truth
Than forbidden words —
Even banned,
Their meaning
Cannot be erased.

#vsspoem prompt for August 29th, 2020: Erase

Dance Electric

Twirling heads,
Shuffling feet —
Willing and enthusiastic.
Slaves to a current,
The captivating
Dance electric

#vsspoem prompt for August 28th, 2020: Electric


You raised a question
I thought I'd
Never ask —
Why do I
Even bother.

#vsspoem prompt for August 27th, 2020: Bother

Cut bare

Like a willow —
Cut bare
I will only
Grow stronger.

#vsspoem prompt for August 26th, 2020: Willow


Breathe in and drown.
Breathe not and suffocate.
Breathe out and surface.

#vsspoem prompt for August 25th, 2020: Breathe


Emotion and pain
Are indicators —
Not levers.

#vsspoem prompt for August 24th, 2020: Lever

Chapters unread

Do not despair —
There are still
Whole chapters

#vsspoem prompt for August 23rd, 2020: Chapter
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