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sign, wrong, create, envy, bitter, ember, melody, shroud, significant, source, mirror, disappoint, walk, motive, toil, reality, destination, radiate, rinse, different
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No two alike

Explain to me
How souls alive
No two alike
Can justify
Judging each other
For being different

#vsspoem prompt for November 11th, 2019: Different

Rinse, repeat

Ever growing
Ever fleeting
Birth, life, death
Rinse, repeat

#vsspoem prompt for November 12th, 2019: Rinse

The dark within

Hollow eyes
Set into her
Mask of smiles
The dark within

#vsspoem prompt for November 13th, 2019: Radiate

Journey's end

Come what may
At journey's end
Life's not about
Its destination

#vsspoem prompt for November 14th, 2019: Destination

Pink clouds

Pink clouds
Not long after
Ever after
As reality sets in

#vsspoem prompt for November 15th, 2019: Reality

Victim of mortality

Don't expect too much
I'm but a victim of mortality
Toiling away at destiny
In hopes that it may change

#vsspoem prompt for November 16th, 2019: Toil

Tender loving care

Don't question
My egocentric motives
Thinly coated
In tender loving care

#vsspoem prompt for November 17th, 2019: Motive

Too real

Fragile illusion
Please remain to be
My heart's desire
A fantasy
For I scare
Quite easily
And might walk out
Once you become
Too real

#vsspoem prompt for November 18th, 2019: Walk

Lack of insight

Spare me
Your excuses
You should know
What goes on
Inside my mind
I find this lack of insight
Highly disappointing

#vsspoem prompt for November 19th, 2019: Disappoint

Mirrors, cracked

None but fools expect
Images shown
In mirrors cracked
To show more truth
Than they may feel
Inside themselves

#vsspoem prompt for November 20th, 2019: Mirror


First hear
From the source
Before you form
An opinion

#vsspoem prompt for November 21st, 2019: Source

Kings and peasants

Both kings and peasants
In this act
Have things to say
And moves to make
No life is insignificant

#vsspoem prompt for November 22nd, 2019: Significant

Shrouded in shame

Despite your insistence
I can't tell you everything
Parts of me
Shrouded in shame
Are mine alone
Push me
Lose me
What's kept inside
I'll never show

#vsspoem prompt for November 23rd, 2019: Shroud


Your words of love
Sound through my heart
Like sirens
Not a melody

#vsspoem prompt for November 24th, 2019: Melody


Of friendship true
Glowing faintly
Amidst ashes
May still be rekindled
When given
Another chance

#vsspoem prompt for November 25th, 2019: Ember


There's no bigger lie
Than a sugar-coated
Bitter truth

#vsspoem prompt for November 26th, 2019: Bitter

Wants turned obsession

I pity you
The sting of envy
Marks you
Another's happiness
Wants turned obsession
Everything you have

#vsspoem prompt for November 27th, 2019: Envy

Connecting the dots

Aren't you creative
Connecting the dots
Set out for you
Make sure
You also color them
Inside the lines

#vsspoem prompt for November 28th, 2019: Create

Happy life

You've got that
The wrong way around
It's happy life
Happy wife

#vsspoem prompt for November 29th, 2019: Wrong


What do you mean
There were no signs
Did you not notice
I stopped saying
I love you

#vsspoem prompt for November 30th, 2019: Sign
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