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happy, unwilling, honor, honesty, complete, question, censor, force, bait, miracle, span, gradient, thought, beg, hunger, yearn, glorify, cute, zillion, ripple
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Lake of consequences

Retrieving stones
Thrown into
The lake of consequences
Will not stop
The ripples
What you've done

#vsspoem prompt for February 10th, 2020: Ripple

Different drafts of me

From abandoned paths
Where choices passed
A zillion different drafts of me
Condemned to realms of
Could have
Should have
Might have been
Shake their heads
At who I am
With every new mistake
That joins them

#vsspoem prompt for February 11th, 2020: Zillion

Even innocence

Cuteness makes forget
Even innocence

#vsspoem prompt for February 12th, 2020: Cute

Love, glorified

Rituals of desolation
Flaunting what
But few may find
Love glorified
Placed on sale
At discount prices

#vsspoem prompt for February 13th, 2020: Glorify

Absent valentine

Empty dreams
The heart adheres
To call nor wish
Will nor time
Does not get better
Yearning for
An absent Valentine

#vsspoem prompt for February 14th, 2020: Yearn

My hunger cares not

Each swallow
My body screams
My hunger
Cares not
Demanding more
And weakly
I follow

#vsspoem prompt for February 15th, 2020: Hunger

Scraps of your love

Why can't I leave
This emotional wasteland
Reduced to a beggar
Surviving on discarded
Scraps of your love

#vsspoem prompt for February 16th, 2020: Beg

Whose lie

Where do these thoughts
Not mine
Keep coming from
Whose lie
Am I living

#vsspoem prompt for February 17th, 2020: Thought

Dark rainbows

Dark rainbows
Dreams mundane
Truths painted
Black or white
Life a colorless
Gradient of gray

#vsspoem prompt for February 17th, 2020: Gradient

Attention span

Some days
You've got too much to say
To fit inside
My attention span

#vsspoem prompt for February 19th, 2020: Span

Beyond awakening

Love beyond beauty
Purpose beyond duty
Sight beyond seeing
Life beyond breathing
Such miracles await
Beyond awakening

#vsspoem prompt for Febryary 20th, 2020: Miracle


Like worms
Hidden from the
Light of truth
Blindly digging
Through the dirt
They're nothing more
Than bait

#vsspoem prompt for February 21st, 2020: Bait


Good leaders
Don't need force
To be followed

#vsspoem prompt for February 22nd, 2020: Force

Torn pages

Torn pages
Can't erase
Words read
Ideas planted
What was buried
May regrow
To live
Another day
That censorship cannot
Eradicate free will
Does not mean
They won't try

#vsspoem prompt for February 23rd, 2020: Censor

The dream itself

I do not understand
What you could
Possibly mean
By that question
What inspired me
To follow
Was the dream itself

#vsspoem prompt for February 24th, 2020: Question

My self-set task

Here I go
Once again
Although I've failed
More often
Than is dear to me
I will not give up
Until I see
My self-set task

#vsspoem prompt for February 24th, 2020: Complete

Expecting honesty

Expecting honesty from me
Is lying to yourself
But it works
We're both
Broken like that

#vsspoem prompt for February 26th, 2020: Honesty

No honor

There’s no honor
In regret

#vsspoem prompt for February 27th, 2020: Honor

Mending broken trust

Tired yet determined
Second chance weariness
Mending broken trust
Unwilling to
Give up
Unable to accept
Love failed

#vsspoem prompt for February 28th, 2020: Unwilling

Forced happiness

Forced happiness
Only deepens

#vsspoem prompt for February 29th, 2020: Happy
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