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edge, fake, wilt, cluster, spawn, beware, wrong, rule, conquest, want, within, observe, scope, purpose, beholden, rational, hostage, arrogance, value, reap
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All We Reap

Emotion, all we sow,
Emotion, all we reap —
Desire never changed a thing.

#vsspoem prompt for February 12th ,2021: Reap

Values and Metrics

Life's true quality
Lies in that
Of our
Values and metrics.

#vsspoem prompt for February 11th, 2021: Value

Human Arrogance

The one difference
Between variables
And absolutes
Is human arrogance.

#vsspoem prompt for February 10th, 2021: Arrogance

Uncertainty Between

Safe for you,
Too cold for me —
Both hostage
To the uncertainty
Between us.

#vsspoem prompt for February 9th, 2021: Hostage

A Life, Reduced

Such tragedy —
A life, reduced
To the rational.

#vsspoem prompt for February 8th, 2021: Rational

Not Beholden

Enjoy the wonder —
Grateful, not beholden.

#vsspoem prompt for February 7th, 2021: Beholden

A Chosen Motion

No fixed absolute,
A chosen motion —
Is a construct.

#vsspoem prompt for February 6th, 2021: Purpose

A Truth Their Own

The soul, a lens,
The mind, a scope —
To each
A truth their own.

#vsspoem prompt for February 5th, 2021: Scope

All We Observe

Reality, the perception
Of all we observe —
The intersection
Of truth and belief.

#vsspoem prompt for February 4th, 2021: Observe

Emptiness Within

Look not without
Seeking to fill
An emptiness

#vsspoem prompt for February 3rd, 2021: Within

Optical Desires

Objective necessities,
Wants, not needs —
Mere optical desires,
A hunger
Which cannot be

#vsspoem prompt for February 2nd, 2021: Want

A Win Today

Live for conquest,
Harvest sorrow —
A win today
Says naught about tomorrow.

#vsspoem prompt for February 1st 2021: Conquest

The Norm

Beware: the rule
May not be
The norm.

#vsspoem prompt for January 31st, 2021: Rule

The Wrong People

We only seem
Hard to love
To the wrong people.

#vsspoem prompt for January 30th, 2021: Wrong

Motives Dark

Danger, beware
Unanticipated sweetness.
False praise obscuring motives dark,
Honey masking poisonous venom —
Once you taste the bitter,
You're too late.

#vsspoem prompt for January 29th, 2021: Beware

Spawn Resentment

Don't blame fate for turning
These lovers into strangers —
White lie upon twisted truth
Burned through trust
To spawn resentment.

#vsspoem prompt for January 28th, 2021: Spawn

Problems Cluster

Where optimism fails,
Problems cluster.

#vsspoem prompt for January 27th, 2021: Cluster

Seasons, Dark

True love,
To be the sun
In seasons, dark —
Ignorant of summer.
Shadow-wilted faithful heart,
Your roots
Will never take.

#vsspoem prompt for January 25th, 2021: Wilt

Fake Happiness

A smile, unfelt,
So unconvincing —
Can't you tell
How fake
My happiness is?

#vsspoem prompt for July 10th, 2021: Fake

Burned Toast

Thoughts like
Burned toast,
Or life itself —
Dark around the edges.
In search of the unknowable,
Blindly sailing
The middle-distance.

#vsspoem prompt for January 25th, 2021: Edge
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