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serenity, mountain, lush, cry, letter, green, shallow, attraction, follow, emotion, omen, nightfall, shadow, push, abide, pass, freedom, flavor, presume
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Never presume

Never presume
They'll steal your cake
And eat it too

#vsspoem prompt for August 30th, 2019: Presume

Flavors of emotion

Allow yourself
Each flavor
Of emotion

#vsspoem prompt for August 31st, 2019: Flavor

Precious gifts

Such precious gifts
Free will
Time to live
To be worn as chains
Wasted on idol worship
Instead of on creation
What cruel trick
The devil played

#vsspoem prompt for September 2nd, 2019: Freedom

Emptier than yesterday

Mistaken intentions
Words sincere
Not connecting

The moment passed

No change apparent
Yet nothing after
Quite the same

Unknown loss
Stings two hearts
Emptier than yesterday

#vsspoem prompt for September 3rd, 2019: Pass

Behind the curtain

Abide with me
You can't see
What truths I keep
Behind the curtain

#vsspoem prompt for September 4th, 2019: Abide

The class abides

From the push of birth
Urged ever forward
School, work, death
Without respite
No reflecting
Paths not taken
Eyes up front
Teacher says
And so the class abides

#vsspoem prompt for September 5th, 2019: Push

Play catch

Shadows race
As overhead
Clouds and sunlight
Play catch
Warmth touching me
Then fading
Chased off
By a breeze of chill
Only to return
Three paces later

#vsspoem prompt for September 6th, 2019: Shadow


No daybreak
Can keep us apart
I'll wake into a daydream
Until nightfall
Brings you back to me

#vsspoem prompt for September 7th, 2019: Nightfall

Subtle omens

Senses tingling
Miniature vibrations
Pulses of shifting energy
Subtle omens
Building to
A coming change

#vsspoem prompt for September 8th, 2019: Omen

Sweet anticipation

Caught between
Passion and frustration
Shivers of suspense
Whispers of emotion
Breath caught
Pupils dilated
Waiting in the dark
In sweet anticipation

#vsspoem prompt for September 9th, 2019: Emotion

Pied poets

Blindly follow
The likes of
Pied poets
Just because
Others choose to

#vsspoem prompt for September 10th, 2019: Follow

No factor

Why is it
What we have
Plays no factor
Where it comes
To the laws of attraction

#vsspoem prompt for September 11th, 2019: Attraction

Hidden depths

Seek color in the gray
Wonder in the ordinary
Hidden depths in shallow water
Life is so much better
With an open mind

#vsspoem prompt for September 12th, 2019: Shallow

Endless green

Heed which voice you follow
Into the untamed
Endless green
The call of the wild
May be made
By nature, man, or beast alike

#vsspoem prompt for September 14th, 2019: Green

Set in sand

Empty beach
Trails of footprints
Side by side
Love letters
Set in sand
Tides and time-defying
Left behind
To last forever

#vsspoem prompt for September 15th, 2019: Letter

Cry freedom

Fist in the air
Stand against all odds
Unleash the dogs of war
Cry freedom

#vsspoem prompt for September 16th, 2019: Cry

Hearts untended

Hearts untended
Emotions once lush
A landscape
Now barren
Starving for
What can't be had

#vsspoem prompt for September 17th, 2019: Lush

Scar the mountains

To cut their path
Mankind went so far
As to scar the mountains
Just to cross
A little faster

#vsspoem prompt for September 18th, 2019: Mountain

Treacherous currents

What treacherous currents lie
Beneath a seeming
Picture of serenity

#vsspoem prompt for September 19th, 2019: Serenity
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