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teach, heal, grow, void, wits, deserve, bravado, cyclic, praise, heritage, modern, credit, bitter, promise, inch, prelude, mercy, generous
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However Generous

However generous they seem —
Value not those acts
Which cannot be repaid
But with money.

#vsspoem prompt for Janary 24th, 2021: Generous

Due Punishment

No mercy for those
Weak, like me —
Grant us
Our due punishment.

#vsspoem prompt for January 23rd, 2021: Mercy

Prelude to Discovery

Tingling sensations,
Unfamiliar instincts
Kicking in —
A prelude to discovery.

#vsspoem prompt for January 22nd, 2021: Prelude

Inch On

Celebrate each small step.
Praise every little miracle.
Even tiny blessings count —
Inch on.

#vsspoem prompt for January 20th, 2021: Inch


Destiny, self-promises —
Wait for them
To come to you
And die to see them

#vsspoem prompt for January 19th, 2021: Promise

Sweet Without the Bitter

Anything worth having
Should also be
Worth losing —
You cannot have
The sweet
Without the bitter.

#vsspoem prompt for January 18th, 2021: Bitter


Will not
Do fine.

#vsspoem prompt for January 17th, 2020: Credit

Zombie Days

Job, not duty —
Modern-day survival.
Nine-to-five hunting/gathering,
Zombie days
With zero fucks to give.

#vsspoem prompt for January 16th, 2021: Modern


Heritage worn proud
Like an armor —
Something nothing,
No one
Can ever change.

#vsspoem prompt for January 15th, 2021: Heritage

Until Nightfall

Do not fool yourself.
Despite the praise,
You are nothing special —
A mere setting sun
Dressed in pretty colors
Until nightfall.

#vsspoem prompt for January 14th, 2020: Praise

Empty Changes

Solutions made of
Empty changes —
Cyclic issues,
Trading places
In a never-ending dance.
Round and round we go.

#vsspoem prompt for January 12th, 2021: Cyclic


Walk the thin line
Between bravadoes and dont's —
Take life as it comes.

#vsspoem prompt for January 11th, 2021: Bravado

Victim to a Truth

Fallen victim to a truth
So poetic, it hurts —
No more than I desired,
So much less than I deserved.

#vsspoem prompt for January 10th, 2021: Deserve

At Wits End

Top of mind
At wits end —
Where the forest
Meets the plains.

#vsspoem prompt for January 9th, 2021: Wits

This Void

What is this void
You are so desperate
To fill?

#vsspoem prompt for January 8th, 2021: Void

Grow Up

Forced to grow up
Before I knew
Who I'd become.

#vsspoem prompt for January 7th, 2021: Grow

Done Hurting

Forced to
Start healing
Before I was
Done hurting.

#vsspoem prompt for Janary 6th, 2021: Heal

Done Learning

Forced to
Start teaching
Before I was
Done learning.

#vsspoem prompt for January 5th, 2021: Teach
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