Showing prompts for October 31st, 2019 until October 12th, 2019.

option, real, home, desire, taint, bury, unseen, moment, bounty, warning, think, unknown, pity, ugly, fork, once, ignore, omission, smile, distant
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The distant

Don't fear
What comes next
Stare into the wind
And brave
The distant

#vsspoem prompt for October 12th, 2019: Distant

A lifetime apart

Half a world
And a lifetime apart
I still
Will always have
A smile for you

#vsspoem prompt for October 13th, 2019: Smile

Outline by omission

I spy
Truths hiding
Behind what is
Outlined by

#vsspoem prompt for October 14th, 2019: Omission


Who be ye
Approaching stranger
Speak your words
Which I will

#vsspoem prompt for October 15th, 2019: Ignore

Fool me once

Cross me
And you will find
No mercy
I ain't the forgiving type
Don't expect
Second chances
Fool me once

#vsspoem prompt for October 16th, 2019: Once


Every sour word you utter
Feeds the urge
To shut you up
By shouting
You forking suck

#vsspoem prompt for October 17th, 2019: Fork

Ugly beast

Truth undesired
Is an ugly beast

#vsspoem prompt for October 18th, 2019: Ugly


Eyes front
Don't mind me
Just walk past my gutter
I may be down
But I don't need your pity

#vsspoem prompt for October 19th, 2019: Pity


Play me a tune
From the b-side of misery
Something unknown
I may learn to sing along

#vsspoem prompt for October 20th, 2019: Unknown

I think of you

Even when
You don't hear from me
Even though life
More often than not
Gets in the way
I think of you

#vsspoem prompt for October 21st, 2019: Think

My body screams

My body screams
Bitter truths
That I push on
Each pleasure
Life may hold
Defying every warning
For I'm way too young
To feel this damn old

#vsspoem prompt for October 22nd, 2019: Warning

Seed of trust

Place in me
A seed of trust
Allow it
To take root and blossom
So we may share
Its bounty

#vsspoem prompt for October 23rd, 2019: Bounty

New light dawns

Grasping for
Moments gone
Might pass you
As darkness ends
New light dawns

#vsspoem prompt for October 24th, 2019: Moment

Scars unseen

Scars unseen
Are not

#vsspoem prompt for October 25th, 2019: Unseen


Problems pushed away
Unsolved, ignored
Won't stay buried

#vsspoem prompt for October 26th, 2019: Bury

What little sanity remains

Feel its claws
Inside you
Fight the fear
Taking hold
Whispering thoughts
What little sanity

#vsspoem prompt for October 27th, 2019: Taint

Heart's desires

Unexpected disappointment
Made me
Stop unlocking
Heart's desires

#vsspoem prompt for October 28th, 2019: Desire

Empty promises

Nothing feels
More lonesome
Than a home
Built on lies
And empty promises

#vsspoem prompt for October 29th, 2019: Home

Any less real

You not sharing
What I feel
Does not make
My fears
Any less real

#vsspoem prompt for October 30th, 2019: Real


Why the tears
Little boy
Did you expect a treat?
If you don't wish
To be tricked
Don't offer me
The option

#vsspoem prompt for October 31st, 2019: Option
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