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discard, valid, struggle, serenity, conviction, believe, style, empty, closer, tomorrow, perspective, bloom, command, waste, selfish, maybe, season, climb, vision
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The road to disillusion

Waiting for miracles
Rarely ever works
Prayers, hopes, and wishes
Are the road to disillusion
Make achieving your goals
Through hard, honest work
Your 2020 vision

#vsspoem prompt for January 1st, 2020: Vision

Brave the climb

Before you can
Enjoy the view
You'll need to
Brave the climb

#vsspoem prompt for January 2nd, 2020: Climb

Seasons went

Can't ignore
More time passed
Than we
Actually shared
Many times
Seasons went
Only to
Come again
The painful truth
Left standing

It was
            Always be

      Y O U

#vsspoem prompt for January 3rd, 2020: Season

The cost

Stuck on why
Longing for once
Between used to
And never was
Where monkeys fly
Maybes die
And dreams untended
All the while
The cost

#vsspoem prompt for January 4th, 2020: Maybe

Selfish reasons

While I am
Still mad
About the why and how
I guess they were not all
Selfish reasons
So, thank you
For not giving up
On making me
A better person

#vsspoem prompt for January 5th, 2020: Selfish

Wasted days

In retrospect
Watching the sun set
On my purposeful
Accomplished life
I realize
Too late
I much preferred
The wasted days

#vsspoem prompt for January 6th, 2020: Waste


Thou shalt
Not be

#vsspoem prompt for January 7th, 2020: Command

Don't criticize

If you wish me
To succeed
Don't criticize
All I do
Bereft of sunlight
Even the strongest flower
Cannot bloom

#vsspoem prompt for January 8th, 2020: Bloom

From your perspective

Show me
With all but words
The world
From your perspective
Which colors tears
Your heart has bled
So I may know you better

#vsspoem prompt for January 9th, 2020: Perspective

Fail tomorrow

Opportunity escaping
Unreachable today
Might yet present
Another chance
To fail tomorrow

#vsspoem prompt for January 10th, 2020: Tomorrow

Look closer

If you believe
You know everything
Look closer

#vsspoem prompt for January 11th, 2020: Closer

Fill a hole

Cannot be forced
Like emptiness
Will never
Fill a hole

#vsspoem prompt for January 12th, 2020: Empty

Amongst many

Style unlike any
One amongst many

#vsspoem prompt for January 13th, 2020: Style

What it seems

Truth is
What you believe
Nothing is
What it seems

#vsspoem prompot for January 14th, 2020: Believe


If only
We were as strong
As our convictions

#vsspoem prompt for January 15th, 2020: Conviction

Serenity evasive

Serenity evasive
It has been far too long
Deliver me
From all that haunts me
Help me to move on

#vsspoem prompt for January 17th, 2020: Serenity

Stop struggling

Stop struggling
And let me
Love you

#vsspoem prompt for January 17th, 2020: Struggle

Opinions invalid

When it
Truly mattered
All opinions
Proved invalid
But my own

#vsspoem prompt for January 18th, 2020: Valid / InValid

Discarded, not forgotten

The world moved on
But she remained
Once upon a memory
Not forgotten

#vsspoem prompt for January 19th, 2020: Discard
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