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tale, leisure, insane, deep, brevity, brawl, cloud, permeate, reciprocate, undergrowth, opulence, issue, perception, fashion, move, bullet, sympathy, demon, quick, matter
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It Matters

It can't be had,
And yet, it matters —
Life is more
Than laws of men.

#vsspoem prompt for March 13th, 2023: Matter

What Cannot Be Had

Fantasies drained away
At the start of each new day —
A quick release to clear the mind
Of what cannot be had.

#vsspoem prompt for March 12th, 2023: Quick


Cruelty taught in crowded hallways,
Like a demon fitting room —
Life reshaped, remolded
In the moments between classes.

#vsspoem prompt for March 11th, 2023: Demon

Faded Sympathy

Naught but faded sympathy —
No love, no hate,
And it's too late
To ever change
The way you look at me.

#vsspoem prompt for March 10th, 2023: Sympathy

Face The Music

In the end
There's nothing to it —
Cut the knot,
Spit out the bullet.
Mute the world
And face the music
That you love.

#vsspoem prompt for March 9th, 2023: Bullet

Move On

For good, for bad,
You let me go —
It's fine. Move on,
I'll play that part.
I'll be the regret.

#vsspoem prompt for March 8th, 2023: Move



#vsspoem prompt for March 6th, 2023: Fashion

The Absent

Perception, perspective —
Perhaps it's the absent expected
Coloring our happiness.

#vsspoem prompt for March 5th, 2023: Perception

Raise The Issue

Saying nothing
Changes nothing.
Change requires do —
Drop the silent act,
And raise the issue.

#vsspoem prompt for March 4th, 2023: Issue

Beyond The Opulence

Look beyond the opulence
And see the plain
Mundane beneath.

#vsspoem prompt for March 3th, 2023: Opulence

Demons In The Undergrowth

Wild, this garden mine,
Shadowy and overgrown —
With angels in the treetops,
And demons in the undergrowth.

#vsspoem prompt for March 2nd, 2023: Undergrowth

Days Of Tenderness

Oh, those days of tenderness,
Where she reciprocates my love
With mood swings
Of unprovoked hostility,
And I just go along.

#vsspoem prompt for March 1st, 2023: Reciprocate


Negativity unchained —
Feel it taint and permeate.

#vsspoem prompt for February 28th, 2023: Permeate

What It Takes

Doubts and insecurities
Cloud the obvious reality —
Interest is what it takes.

#vsspoem prompt for February 27th, 2023: Cloud

Egos And Elbows

Join the brawl —
Egos and elbows.
This spotlight's
Too small for us all.

#vsspoem prompt for February 26th, 2023: Brawl

Sake Of Brevity

Lies for sake of brevity —
Me too,
And likewise.

#vsspoem prompt for February 25th, 2023: Brevity

Dream Of Falling

They say
If you can dream it,
You can do it,
But I dream of falling, momma.
I fall deeper every night.

#vsspoem prompt for February 24th, 2023: Deep

The Cold

Mantra of the near insane —
Like warmth,
Like pain,
The cold is there
Only if you
Allow yourself
To feel.

#vsspoem prompt for February 23rd, 2023: Insane

Staccato Rhythms

Equal measures,
Work, sleep, leisure —
One in three, fast asleep.
Life sliced up,
Staccato rhythms.
Reset, and start again.

#vsspoem prompt for February 22nd, 2023: Leisure

The Tale So Far

Another link to grow the chain —
Another truth, bent out of shape
To fit the tale so far.

#vsspoem prompt for February 21st, 2023: Tale
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