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wither, originality, features, subterfuge, knowing, perfection, fraction, custodian, abundance, retrace, duality, retaliate, law, flaw, outside, shackles, annoy, bound, plague, claw
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Wolves to the slaughter

Fangs bared,
Claws out —
Like wolves to the slaughter.

#vsspoem prompt for April 11th, 2020: Claw

Humanity plague

Death will feast
In wake
Of this humanity plague.

#vsspoem prompt for April 12th, 2020: Plague

Not until the bell sounds

Bound to
Obligatory participation,
Not until
The bell sounds
Will they
Snap to attention.

#vsspoem prompt for April 13th, 2020: Bound

Your annoyance

The depth of
Your annoyance
Makes me wonder —
Was your love
Ever real?

#vsspoem prompt for April 14th, 2020: Annoy

Paper shackles

Defy the
Ever-changing rules
Or live your life
In paper shackles.

#vsspoem prompt for April 15th, 2020: Shackles

Come out

Trapped indoors,
Unable to ignore
The outside world
Calling —
“Come out and play.”

#vsspoem prompt for April 16th, 2020: Outside

Hide your flaws

There’s no need
To change for me —
Just hide your flaws, please.

#vsspoem prompt for April 17th, 2020: Flaw

Not law

I'm confused.
Having never
Asked for your input,
I considered it
Suggestions —
Not law.

#vsspoem prompt for April 18th, 2020: Law


For the good of us all,
When confronted
With hate,
Or injustice,
Never just stand by
In shame —

#vsspoem prompt for April 19th, 2020: Retaliate

Burdens of morality

Burdens of morality
Birth survival's duality,
Weighing down necessity
With doubt —
When the one true choice
Is to live.

#vsspoem prompt for April 20th, 2020: Duality


You cannot expect
To duplicate
My experiences
By retracing my path.

#vsspoem prompt for April 21st, 2020: Retrace

What binds us

Sometimes I wonder
What binds us —
All we seem to share
Is an abundance
Of resentment.

#vsspoem prompt for April 22nd, 2020: Abundance


Custodian of pain,
Too deeply hurt
To bare the grief —
Why keep suffering
Those pages filled with
Unshared words

#vsspoem prompt for April 23rd, 2020: Custodian

Round your fractions down

When short on
Fact or effort
Round your fractions down —
Half-assed attempts and
Will never add up
To a whole.

#vsspoem prompt for April 24th, 2020: Fraction

A deception

Their perfection
A conscious choice,
A deception —
They are but
What others wish to see.
Smiling, waving,
Stubbornly tending their garden
With their houses

#vsspoem prompt for April 25th, 2020: Perfection


I refuse to confess,
Knowing full well
My thoughts —
Unspoken, yet apparent —
Betrayed my weakness.

#vsspoem prompt for April 26th, 2020: Knowing

But not hearts

Wars may be won
With subterfuge —
But not hearts.

#vsspoem prompt for April 27th, 2020: Subterfuge

Best features

Time leashes
All whose
Best features
Show in reflections.

#vsspoem prompt for April 28th, 2020: Features


Originality —
The art of obscuring
The ways in which
You shuffled and twisted
The known
To make it
Seem new.

#vsspoem prompt for April 29th, 2020: Originality


Forbidden fruit

#vsspoem prompt for april 30th, 2020: Wither
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