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tiresome, death, relive, ominous, gentle, unaware, alone, subdue, stand, curse, luxury, setback, albeit, vibe, receive, result, accomplish, fact, solitude
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Social Beacon

A charging cell phone on a nightstand,
A last message left unread —
A social beacon in the night,
A blinking lifeline out of darkness,
A reminder in our solitude
That we are not

#vsspoem prompt for April 17th, 2021: Solitude

Change Feelings

Do not
Change feelings.

#vsspoem prompt for April 16th, 2021: Fact

Ideals Fade

Ideals fade
In absence
Of accomplishment.

#vsspoem prompt for April 15th, 2021: Accomplish

You Assume

You assume too much —
My promise to deal with it
Never once
Mentioned results.

#vsspoem prompt for April 14th, 2021: Result

All She Received

All she received
Is what I would have
Given you —
And yet,
I am the poorer for it.

#vsspoem prompt for April 13th, 2021: Receive

Feed the Vibe

Feed the vibe
That frees the mind,
Distort the thoughts
The cycle.

#vsspoem prompt for April 12th, 2021: Vibe

Subtle Signs

Beware the tides
Which anger rides —
Annoyance shows,
Albeit often
In subtle signs.

#vsspoem prompt for April 11th, 2021: Albeit

Save Your Worries

Why fret over
Each minor setback —
Save your worries
For when life
Seems to go smoothly.

#vsspoem prompt for April 10th, 2021: Setback

Luxury Inhibits

Fellow artists,
Beyond necessity,
May your ends
Never meet —
Luxury inhibits

#vsspoem prompt for April 9th, 2021: Luxury

Thank Me Later

I'd rather
You curse me now
And thank me later
Than the other way around —
Even knowing
I will not be there.

#vsspoem prompt for April 8th, 2021: Curse

Where We Stand

We get to choose
Where we stand
But not which sides
There are.

#vsspoem prompt for April 7th, 2021: Stand

For Battered Or Worse

Involuntary compliance,
Forcefully subdued —
Play the hand you're dealt,
For battered or worse.

#vsspoem prompt for April 6th, 2021: Subdue

Loneliness Goes Deeper

Force company
And you will see
How loneliness
Goes deeper
Than being alone.

#vsspoem prompt for April 5th, 2021: Alone

Between These Lines

Word blind,
Scroll by —
Blissfully unaware.
I'll never share
It is you
Between these lines.

#vsspoem prompt for April 4th, 2021: Unaware

Yet We try

A heart cannot
Break gently —
And yet,
We try.

#vsspoem prompt for April 3rd, 2021: Gentle

Little Did We Know

All of us laughed at her
Ominous foreshadowing.
Little did we know.

#vsspoem prompt for April 2nd, 2021: Ominous

Why Keep

Why keep
What we can't carry,
What we can't use,
What we won't ever

#vsspoem prompt for July 11th, 2021: Relive

Happiness in Death

There is
No happiness
In death, either.

#vsspoem prompt for March 31st, 2021: Death

Mock Indignation

Tiresome mock indignation.
My words —
In stride,
Yet taken.

#vsspoem prompt for March 30th, 2021: Tiresome
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