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indulge, balance, plenty, scratch, celebrate, reprieve, misled, pillow, ever, forge, weight, murder, origin, fidelity, security, wrath, enigmatic, shutter, emotion, float
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Floats away

Not all we
Let go
Floats away.

#vsspoem prompt for May 25th, 2020: Float

A mirror

If writing
Is emotion
Reading poetry's
A mirror.

#vsspoem prompt for May 26th, 2020: Emotion

Golden dawn

…And outside
The shuttered windows
Rose a golden dawn.

#vsspoem prompt for May 27th, 2020: Shutter

Never land

"Come with me,
You can fly!"
The enigmatic stranger said.
Naive we took his hand —
Not knowing we would
Never land.

#vsspoem prompt for June 28th, 2020: Enigmatic


None but the guilty
Fear God's wrath
When lightning paints
The night's sky

#vsspoem prompt for May 29th, 2020: Wrath

Illusion of security

Those taught to fear
Will gladly trade
Liberty and truth
For the
Illusion of security.

#vsspoem prompt for May 30th, 2020: Security

Laws of attraction

Fidelity, commitment—
The laws of attraction
Do not care.

#vsspoem prompt for May 31st, 2020: Fidelity

Words of devotion

Don’t speak to me
Words of devotion
Not originating
In the heart.

#vsspoem prompt for June 1st, 2020: Origin

Bleak reality

Expectation murders
What might be —
Bleak reality.

#vsspoem prompt for June 2nd, 2020: Murder

This weight is mine

Even incapable to bear it,
This weight is mine —
I will not share it.

#vsspoem prompt for June 3rd, 2020: Weight

Forged from ash and fire

Beauty like
A setting sun,
Forged from
Ash and fire.
Her burning heart —
Almost spent,
Never to be won again.

#vsspoem prompt for June 4th, 2020: Forge

As it's ever been

All remains
As it's ever been —
Only the labels changed.

#vsspoem prompt for June 5th, 2020: Ever


Come closer —
Let me be
Your pillow.

#vsspoem prompt for June 6th, 2020: Pillow

It's a game

Do not be misled.
There are
Losers —
It's a game.

#vsspoem prompt for June 7th, 2020: Misled

Without reprieve

Although life is a
Predictable hell
Without reprieve,
It is still
The unknown
I fear most.

#vsspoem prompt for June 8th, 2020: Reprieve

Each tiny step

Claim the smallest reasons,
Celebrate each tiny step —
The next might never come
Or take forever.

#vsspoem prompt for june 9th, 2020: Celebrate


Scratch as I may,
The itch

#vsspoem prompt for June 10th, 2020: Scratch


Only the naive think
That in the land of plenty
Everything is positive.

#vsspoem prompt for June 11th, 2020: Plenty


Atop unstable bridges,
Fearing the fall,
We raise our voices,
Drowning out the roar —
Deafening dark waters
Raging far below.

#vsspoem prompt for June 11th, 2020: Balance


We indulge,
Fully aware the cost
In blissful moments
Of ecstacy
To numb the pain —
If only temporary.

#vsspoem prompt for June 13th, 2020: Indulge
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