Showing prompts for July 6th, 2020 until June 19th, 2020.

journey, shiver, fiction, divide, arena, binge, incline, lead, negative, unknown, justice, beauty, approval, matter, lens, bestow, apathy, dance
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Silent songs

Partners in a cautious dance
To silent songs —
Shames we hide
Twisting, twirling
Around the truth,
Matching steps
To fit the lie.

#vsspoem prompt for June 19th, 2020: Dance

Your apathy

Blind to me,
Your apathy
Makes me wonder —
Do my accomplishments
Not matter,
Or could it be
The problem
Is you?

#vsspoem prompt for June 20th, 2020: Apathy

Personal joy

How petty,
How self-centered —
Such tragedy
We bestow upon the world
In the absence
Of personal joy.

#vsspoem prompt for June 21st, 2020: Bestow

Burnt glass lenses

Seen through
Burnt glass lenses
The world appears
Darker than it is.

#vsspoem prompt for June 22nd, 2020: Lens

Intent matters

By what they
Do onto others.
Acts may be forgiven
But intent matters —
And before you do,
Know that goes
For reactions too.

#vsspoem prompt for June 23rd, 2020: Matter

You do you

Glare all you like —
I don't mind your disapproval.
You do you
But I'll be me.

#vsspoem prompt for June 24th, 2020: Approval

Only innocence

Only innocence
Brings true beauty.
Wonder lives
In absence
Of preconception.

#vsspoem prompt for June 25th, 2020: Beauty


More often than not
There's no justice
In getting even.

#vsspoem prompt for June 25th, 2020: Justice

My heart belongs

My dreams are filled
With unknown faces,
Places I have never seen
Perhaps I got lost,
Looking for the place
My heart belongs —
Which obviously
Isn't here.

#vsspoem prompt for June 27th, 2020: Unknown

The negative

To understand,
Adjust your perspective —
From the inside
We but see
The negative.

#vsspoem prompt for June 28th, 2020: Negative

Beautiful empty

Love would lead
If we could live
In beautiful empty
Between thoughts, distracting.

#vsspoem prompt for June 29th, 2020: Lead

The incline to act

Acknowledging the urgency —
The situation dire,
We lack
The incline to act
To save ourselves.

#vsspoem prompt for June 30th, 2020: Incline

Binge happiness

When depression reigns,
Each chance you get
Binge happiness —
Let it warm you.

#vsspoem prompt for July 1st, 2020: Binge

Arena's sands

See the deception,
Who steers the fight.
Don't watch the ball,
Watch the hands —
No victors walk
The arena's sands.

#vsspoem prompt for July 2nd, 2020: Arena

Divide us

These selfish thoughts
Divide us.

#vsspoem prompt for July 3rd, 2020: Divide

Not fiction

These horror stories
Are not fiction.

#vsspoem prompt for July 4th, 2020: Fiction

Cold shivers in July

In smoldering heat,
Walking streets filled with
Smiles dressed in summer —
Dark thoughts hit me
Like cold shivers in July.

#vsspoem prompt for July 5th, 2020: Shiver

A journey

When struggling
Imagine each step
A journey
And press on.

#vsspoem prompt for July 6th, 2020: Journey
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